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About YOAL

If your goal is to expand your business and get into the game, ours is to help you achieve your business objectives through efficient import-export services. Registered trade company in Shanghai, we are here to advise you along the way while identifying and providing opportunities for your business to grow. You want to export your brands and products to be showcased and sold in China? YOAL will handle it. You want to import Chinese goods to be sold in your country of operation?
YOAL is the answer.

Meet Our Founder, Allan Mathieu, a visionary driven by passion...

His home is now Shanghai; however he was born and grew up in the small island nation of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius. Allan Mathieu's love and admiration are equally shared between the beautiful beaches of Mauritius and the skyscrapers of Shanghai. His passion is reserved for his work. YOAL, his baby, is now a grown-up and matured business that already proved its worth on the highest stages of the commercial ecosystem of busy China. Fluent in English and French, our founder can keep up a business conversation in Chinese and mix in the highly competitive market of China. Your trust is safe in his hands.

YOAL offers four types of contracts

(1) International sale contact: for single purchases from foreign manufacturers to be exported
(2) Export contract: where the trading company sell already purchased products to their clients
(3) Import-export international supply contract: for long term agreements with manufacturers of products at regular prices
(4) Import-export intermediary contract: where the trading company is only the intermediary and charges a commission for services.

“Your business, our commitment for a quality import - export service”

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