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YOAL Shanghai Trade, import & export services

YOAL Shanghai Trade, the strongest understanding of the Chinese market.

Our export services include assistance in your networking to find potential suppliers in China and we will ensure a smooth and rapid exportation process of your chosen products to be sent to your country of operation.
For the imports, in the digitalized Chinese environment, we guarantee an efficient market research analysis and ensure price competitiveness while offering a high-quality service.
To facilitate the ease of doing business in your import-export activity, we also offer several target services including documents translation, quality control, and shipping amongst others.
Shanghai being a busy and fast-moving city, we value the precious time of our customers and ensure a safe, efficient, smooth, and quick dealing of administrative procedures from our Shanghai office for the services that we provide.
For your peace of mind and reassurance, we can also arrange guided tours for our clients who wish to visit suppliers in China before any purchase.
Moreover, our clients will be accompanied by a translator shall this service be needed.

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Import services

We have an in-depth knowledge of the Chinese market, which enables us to put you in contact with large retailers but also small ones that are more difficult to identify. Our mission? Find your future customers!

Export services

Our objective is to assist you in managing suppliers and acquiring products that meet your specifications. At the end, to help you make more money!

Business travel services

Organising a business trip to China can seem insurmountable! Language barrier, difficulty in identifying the right suppliers or trade fairs.... By choosing to use our services, you will gain in efficiency, optimise and make your business trip to China profitable.