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YOAL | Import services

The best way to import your products in China.

Our goal? To help you sell your products

You want your F&B products to enter the competitive Chinese market? With us, you're guaranteed a personalized, safe, and efficient service for the imports.
We offer two types of import services to China.
Firstly, we deal with direct imports where we help you to bring your products from anywhere around the world, to be introduced to the Chinese market.
The second option, we act as an intermediary for your international sales in China ensuring a smooth import process.

Shipment and clearance under control

Stressed with the paperwork? We've got your back.
YOAL caters to all your document's translation and authentication as well as the brand and product registration in China. Regulatory labeling being compulsory for your products to enter China, we take care of the process.
Our experienced team will also efficiently handle your shipping, ensuring a fast and secure service. Confident of our expertise, we've got your custom clearance in China under control.
As for the sales, YOAL has established a structured and effective sales network in China to provide you with the latest and accurate data on market opportunities, and we'll connect you with the best distributor networks to grow your business in China.
We handle:
• The market research before engaging in the imports;
• The customs clearance in China ;
• The regulatory labeling of your products in China;
• The brand registration of your products ;
• The distribution network to give visibility to your products;
• We connect you to these distributors;
• The marketing of your brand on the Chinese market;
• The transportation of your products across China;
• Payments directly with all intermediaries in renminbi (元 / ¥);
• We provide warehousing facilities for your products in China.

Risk management

We aim to mitigate the risks while you engage in your business adventure with China.
To increase your chances of getting a return on investment in a reasonable timeframe, we guarantee the proper market research work, as if your product is not suitable for a particular region, it will certainly be for another, China representing a huge and diverse market.
As for the marketing, YOAL Shanghai Trade invests in the marketing fees alongside our local sales team in China. Amid this world trade-competitive environment, China offers the most dynamic market to work with and YOAL is honored to be your guide throughout this amazing journey.